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In law enforcement settings, the right technology is essential to effectively serve the public at large and keep people safe. Police officers are continuously on the move and significantly require a mobile device that can quickly receive and transfer trusted information and efficient communication while on patrol. For faster entering field-based reporting directly to the record management system and less time invested on the roadside-- a possibly hazardous area. When selecting a technology, law enforcement companies need to think about how well that specific gadget works with all of the applications they require to utilize on the task.

The utility of the rugged laptop is further enhanced by the multiple available options that add support for security and data collection functions; these include RFID, smartcard reader, and fingerprint scanner. These optional add-ons help public safety officials facilitate rapid response time, streamline processes such as incident reports, and lower costs. As a result, emergency response crews can get the better and more vital information onsite and in real-time. In addition, integrating the latest WLAN permits it to link and gain access to points or in-vehicle network gadgets faster than ever. Users likewise can connect through USB to car modems and other peripherals, and for Verizon consumers, there's an alternative for 4G LTE to link to cellular networks. In addition, the system can be set up with a GPS for mapping and automated automobile areas.

Winmate empowers the public sector with powerful, rugged laptops and mobile computers. With various wireless connectivity options, hot-swappable batteries, and optical bonding to support all-day use, Winmate ensures that public safety officials will have the right technology to handle their tasks efficiently.

Our rugged mobile devices include:

  • The latest Windows® IoT Enterprise operating system
  • Robust wireless communications
  • Application-tailored accessories

Application Diagram

Application Diagram 2

Industrial Challenges

Winmate Rugged Laptop is an innovative solution designed to help the challenging work of the public sector(Police, Fire brigades, and Rescue Services) where other technology often fails. The system communicates with the operation center and provides commanders with various management and decision support tools during all phases of an incident.

Winmate understands the needs and provides solutions to industrial challenges:

  • Demand for Durability

    Devices' durability is a crucial consideration for the police department, from handling weather changes, high and low temperature, slam, vibration, humidity, etc.

  • Ergonomic design for mobility

    Flexibility and portability are needed for officers to use the laptop everywhere they may need their device. Either in the car, respond to a scene, or at a command post.

  • Exceptional built-in data collection capabilities

    Pen and paper for handwriting all the necessary information created a massive delay in work, and data collection technology is much needed. From RFID reader, fingerprint scanner, camera for capturing photos and videos from different sources.

  • Work in remote locations

    Strong and broad wireless signal capabilities are needed to access data and systems wherever the work calls – in remote locations or the most hostile environment and critical situations.

Innovative Technology

  • Military-grade durability, reliability, and performance excellence according to MIL-STD-810H.
  • Various built-in data capture features, like the intelligent card reader, NFC/ RFID, fingerprint scanner, etc.
  • Performance excellence with the latest operating system.
  • World-class wireless connectivity, everywhere and anytime.
  • Optical bonding – higher brightness, better clarity, scratch-resistant.

Safety and Standards

  • Safety

    CE, FCC, CCC

  • MIL-STD-810H

    Shock, vibration, and drop

  • Full IP65-rated

    Water and dustproof

  • Security

    Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 and Kensington Lock

  • Mobile Device Management

    SOTI MobiControl compliance

Get a Free Government Solution Consultation

Whether your focus is increasing the speed of service, improving your bottom line, efficient communication between dispatch centers and officials in the field, etc. Winmate can help. We provide rugged mobile solutions that are capable of increasing productivity in the area. Please speak to one of our experts to explore the hardware that can best help achieve your goals.