> Strategic partnerships and engineering expertise

For enterprises operating in rugged or potentially hazardous environments, access to the latest technology built specifically for these demanding industries is imperative. At Winmate, we have the engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with technology companies to provide customers the leading edge in industrial-grade communications tools that maximize operational efficiency, safety, asset tracking and data management.


Our engineering process and in-depth knowledge of electrical, mechanical, thermal, and firmware design ensures optimized performance, durability and reliability with every rugged mobile product we create. At Winmate, our technologies undergo a battery of tests at our in-house, state-of-the-art testing facility to verify this performance.


Winmate also has the advantage of gaining early access to the latest technologies with partners such as Microsoft, Intel, Texas Instruments, U-blox, Sierra, and more, providing our customers with the latest technology and software available.

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  • Product Development Flow
  • Solution Design
    At Winmate, we specialize in full-scope solution design for enterprise customers operating in challenging environments. From mechanical and hardware solutions to software customization, and verification and validation, Winmate executes every step of the engineering process.
    Mechanical solution design - System design: Sheet metal, double injection plastics, castings
    - Packing design
    - Thermal Solution
    Hardware solution design - System design
    - PCB design
    Software solution design - System software
    - Firmware
    - Device drivers
    Verification and Validation - Reliability testing
    - Functional test
    - Regulatory certification
  • Manufacturing Facility
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