> Flexible solutions customized to meet your needs

All Winmate technologies are designed to be flexible to ensure seamless enterprise integration at any level. From rebranding to software and hardware configuration, every product may be customized to fit your needs.
  • Custom Branding
    Our standard product lines may be privately branded or co-branded to represent your company. Customization options include branded hardware and software colors, logo integration, and software tailored to your company with custom start-up screens, application configuration, and more.
    Custom Branding Logo with Laser/Screen Printing
    Custom Splash/Boot-up Screen
    Hide Applications
  • Custom OS Images / Software Configuration
    Winmate offers customized OS images with your specified software, settings and drivers - all pre-loaded, configured, and installed before delivery. This allows you to have units tailor-made, and ready to be deployed for seamless integration into enterprise, saving you valuable time, resources and money.
    System drivers, BIOS, operating system modifications & configurations, API
  • Custom Modules / Sensor Integration
    At Winmate we know flexibility through modularity is also important, which is why we designed our standard mobile products with expansion capabilities. With our design build expertise, we can integrate any specified hardware modules and sensors into our standard mobile products to create a solution customized to your industry or application, all while reducing your cost and risk. Customization options include:
    Signal inputs through external pogo-pins
    Extendable hardware housing
    Specified sensors
    Upper cover with dark IR lens
    Custom keypad print/function
    Color housing
    Logo laser-print
    Upper cover with dark IR lens
    Custom Boot Logo
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