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Winmate Leads with Telehealth Technology

Winmate offers a wide range of Rugged Smart Solutions to revolutionize the manufacturing sector by integrating intelligent systems that advance the Internet of Everything (IoE).
04 November, 2021
Winmate Leads with Telehealth Technology

Ken Lu, Winmate’s CEO, has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential industry economy leaders in the rugged computing sector. The CIO Bulletin selected Mr.Lu for innovative thinking, business acumen, and entrepreneurial skillset. The 10 Hottest Tech Companies 2021 is a biannual global list showcasing the top 10 personalities worldwide who have proven to be the most influential leaders in today’s industrial economy.

Besides being certified by international quality systems including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO14001, Winmate’s products are tested and passed the healthcare safety and IT specifications. Committed as the world-leading supplier of Rugged IT equipment, Winmate has also been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award.

In 2021, Winmate acquired an order for medical-grade rugged tablet PCs from leading medical device manufacturers in North America. These medical-grade powerful tablet PCs are used for intelligent healthcare automation, such as high-sensitivity emergency rooms or operating rooms. They also provide telemonitoring, home healthcare, and nursing services to meet demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our latest UHD 4K medical-grade display is designed for medical imaging management systems at outpatient clinics, nursing stations, and routine healthcare systems in hospitals.


COVID-19 Brings the Era of Healthcare Tablet Digitalization

With the rise of IoT, cloud computing, big data, and AI one after another in recent years, digital technology has swept across the globe to drive the digital transformation of all industries, and healthcare is no exception. Given the innovation trend of healthcare, under Chairperson Ken Lu’s leadership, Winmate is developing total digital solutions for healthcare in collaboration with leading US and European manufacturers. According to Lu, the status quo in the healthcare industry is no longer an option. In general, visiting a hospital is rarely a pleasant experience for most patients. Simplifying the administrative processes with medical-grade rugged tablet PCs can shorten patients’ waiting time and increase overall satisfaction. On top of that, by reducing tedious paper works through wireless data transfers, medical personnel can focus on caring, curing, and saving lives.

When the leading North American manufacturers requested a collaborative medical-grade tablet PCs method, Lu sent Winmate’s top sales representatives to North America to discuss product design and requirements. Winmate then offered the patient-centered design concept and won the trust of these leading North American manufacturers, thus allowing Winmate to make a big step forward in the healthcare industry.

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About Winmate

Winmate Inc. is a rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments. Founded in 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan, where its headquarters, research, development facility, and production lines are located, the company has offices and service centers worldwide. Winmate develops rugged industrial-grade computing solutions that advance the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT). Industrial display and panel PC, HMI, embedded systems, IoT gateways to rugged tablets, and handheld devices for industries ranging from transportation and logistics to marine and military, railway, oil and gas, smart grid, healthcare, and field services. Winmate also provides professional services in customizing products and project management to create a unique customer's needs.

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