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Success Story: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Automation with Winmate Stainless Series

Technological advances in automation and robotics are benefitting the pharmaceutical industry of today
26 November, 2020
Success Story: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Automation with Winmate Stainless Series


In the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene is of the utmost importance. From material processing to filling & packaging goods, all production facilities have to be spotless and contamination-free. The whole production facility has to be thoroughly cleaned every day, with extensive wash downs with cleaning agents and high pressure, high temperature sprays to ensure disinfection of the drug processing areas. As a large-scale drug manufacturer was reconfiguring their production line, they were looking for stainless steel Panel PCs to use as machine line controllers to produce their packaged drug products. Winmate offered 21.5” IP69K Flat Stainless Panel PC W22IK3S-SPA369 that have to withstand routine cleaning procedures and handle tough work environment facing dust, dirt, and liquids on every day basis.

Production Line HMI Terminal

Main Challenges

Corrosion-resistant SUS316/ AISI316 stainless steel housing with IP69K water, dust protection - The solution has to be easily cleaned and disinfected daily, meaning it needs to be corrosion, waterproof and dustproof to withstand close-range high-pressure, high-temperature wash-downs. Additional cabling protection is necessary for ensuring the connectors and cables to remain waterproof.

Multi-touch projected capacitive touch - The operator interface requires PCAP technology to deliver excellent responsive performance, even in extreme environments, to allow production workers to operate it efficiently with fingers.

Multiple mounting options - The device with versatile, secure mounting options, such as Yoke mount and VESA mount, is crucial for installation in all the industrial automation scenarios, optimizing the HMI terminal functionality.

Why Winmate?

Versatile product specification options to meet the unique customer requirements
Waterproof ports with adapter cables for external connectivity
Customization possibilities, adding Wi-Fi antenna for wireless communications
Ensures efficient process control from the qualifying examination, packaging to logistics and complete traceability throughout the entire value chain
Professional support during the project implementation phases

Stainless Series

Hygienic operator control
terminals for pharmaceutical
packaging machines
and automation

Achieve flexibility, optimized production, and regulatory compliance with Winmate IP69K Stainless Series panel PCs and displays tailored to pharmaceutical manufacturing automation, process control, and information solutions. Leverage data and analytics to improve processes, capping, labeling, and collation systems and monitor the operation on a supervisory level, checking for low hopper levels, fallen bottles, and low-level supplies.

Stainless Series

Featured Stainless Panel PC & Display

Purpose-built for the pharmaceutical industry. Rugged and powerful. They are engineered to visualize and control operations, and drive productivity in the most challenging environments.


IP69K P Series

IP65 B Series

IP69K/ IP65 Flat Series

Panel PC & Display Panel PC Panel PC & Display
Panel PC & Display
15”/ 19”/ 21.5”/ 23.8”
Panel PC
10.4”/ 15”/ 19”/ 21.5”/ 23.8”
Panel PC & Display
15”/ 17”/ 19”/ 21.5”/ 23.8”
Intel® Core™ i5-8265U
1.6 GHz (turbo to 3.9GHz)
Intel® Celeron® N2930
(2M Cache, up to 2.16 GHz)
Intel® Core™ i5-8265U
1.6 GHz (turbo to 3.9GHz)

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