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Choose Winmate ODM-OEM Services for Your Next Rugged Device

Are you looking for a customized solution for your project? Want to deploy more rugged devices to your brand and do not know where to start? Choose Winmate as your ODM-OEM solution partner and leverage the manufacturing capabilities to an expert in rugged mobile and embedded solutions.
6 May, 2021
Choose Winmate ODM-OEM Services for Your Next Rugged Device

Customized Solutions

Years of experience allow Winmate to offer customized solutions for different industrial applications. From product design to accessories, our engineering team designs and supports the system integration process.


The Winmate Difference

Innovation and Ruggedness - Blending innovations and ruggedness, our products are designed to meet the environmental standards of vertical markets.
Engineering Intelligence - We are committed to maintaining the highest engineering excellence standardsto ensure our products deliver reliability, durability, and optimized performance.
Quality Commitment - Quality assurance and entire engineeringprocesses are undergoing in-house. Thisis why we invested significantly in ourstate-of-the-art testing facility and offerglobal support. “ INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. ”
Efficiency - Our team is committed to efficiency and maintaining the shortest possibledevelopment cycles. The whole development process undergoes in-house to achieve the market advantage in speed and quality from design to testing.
Reliability - Reliability, service, and support are part of our foundation. Every product scrutinizes industrial standards testing to verify electrical, mechanical, thermal,and firmware design performance.

Built to withstand the rigors of the harshest environments

Winmate understands the need for ruggedness and uninterrupted productivity when it comes to operating in challenging environments. Our rugged, mobile tablets, handhelds, and fixed-mount displays increase operational efficiencies, integrate seamlessly into enterprise, and deliver low-cost reliability for data collection and communications.

Whether tracking a fleet, mapping a mine, or monitoring equipment and production on an oil rig, Winmate provides various rugged form factors with flexible connectivity options, data collection, and management.

Winmate's rugged mobile solutions are built to withstand the rigors of the harshest environments. Every product undergoes the scrutiny of two standards: the ingress Protection (IP) rating system and the United States Defence Standard Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests Standard (MIL-STD). Our rugged mobile devices are built to last, reducing the total cost of ownership over time.

The highest standards in reliability and service

At Winmate, reliability, service, and support are part of our foundation. This is why we've invested significantly in our state-of-the-art testing facility and placing service centers throughout the world.

Our in-house testing facility allows Winmate to achieve high product reliability and ruggedness with the shortest possible product development cycle. Rather than outsource this critical component, we can perform vibration, drop, thermal and dry heat, and EMC and EMI tests, as well as radio emission and susceptibility, giving Winmate the market advantage in speed and quality.

The highest standards in reliability and service

Flexible solutions customized to meet your needs

All Winmate technologies are designed to be flexible to ensure seamless enterprise integration at any level. From rebranding to software and hardware configuration, every product may be customized to fit your needs.

Custom Branding

Our standard product lines may be privately branded or co-branded to represent your company. Customization options include branded hardware and software colors, logo integration, and software tailored to your company with custom start-up screens, application configuration, and more.

Custom Branding

Custom OS Images / Software Configuration

Winmate offers customized OS images with your specified software, settings and drivers - all pre-loaded, configured, and installed before delivery. This allows you to have units tailor-made, and ready to be deployed for seamless integration into enterprise, saving you valuable time, resources and money.

Custom OS Images / Software Configuration
Custom Modules / Sensor Integration

Custom Modules / Sensor Integration

At Winmate we know flexibility through modularity is also important, which is why we designed our standard mobile products with expansion capabilities. With our design build expertise, we can integrate any specified hardware modules and sensors into our standard mobile products to create a solution customized to your industry or application, all while reducing your cost and risk.

Get started with your custom product development right now

About Winmate

Winmate Inc. is a rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments. Founded in 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan, where its headquarters, research, development facility, and production lines are located, the company has offices and service centers worldwide. Winmate develops rugged industrial-grade computing solutions that advance the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT). Industrial display and panel PC, HMI, embedded systems, IoT gateways to rugged tablets, and handheld devices for industries ranging from transportation and logistics to marine and defense, railway, oil and gas, smart grid, healthcare, and field services. Winmate also provides professional services in customizing products and project management to create a unique customer's needs.

For more information, please visit Winmate's official website; or follow Winmate Inc. on Linkedin and Facebook to receive all the latest news.
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