Winmate Success Story: The Enterprise Mobility Solution Delivered by M700DM8 Rugged Tablet
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Published on 8 August, 2019

Winmate Success Story: The Enterprise Mobility Solution Delivered by M700DM8 Rugged Tablet

Purpose-built for warehouse and logistics management
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In the world where all business processes become digitalized day by day, automation has always been a hot issue in the transportation and logistics industry. From inventory management to order fulfillment, asset tracking, and shipping/receiving, the logistics ecosystem requires real-time data collection and communication from the production lines and warehouse floors to keep it running smoothly. Forklift truck drivers and warehouse workforce equipped with the right automated technology that enhances mobility will help minimize errors, streamline ordering and inventory management, and improve operational efficiencies. A world-leading forklift and truck lift manufacturer in the United States came to Winmate for a forklift-mountable rugged tablet solution that comes with the high enterprise mobility and rugged protection it needs for inventory management without having to compromise on any other computing capabilities.


Needed a solution with high mobility in a compact rugged tablet form factor that is mountable  on  forklifts for inventory operations both indoor and outdoor. Being capable of functioning during extreme vibration is a must. Further, the device had to feature high processing power, reliable data capture capability, and stable wired and wireless connectivity for the workforce to access real-time data and perform efficient material handling.


M700DM8 rugged tablet on vehicle dock
M700DM8 rugged tablet on vehicle
dock VD-M700DM8

Winmate provided the 7-inch rugged tablet, M700DM8, with high performance Arm® Cortex®-A53 Octa-core processor for handling a broad spectrum of activities ranging from individual process steps to complex material flows. The compact 7-inch form factor allows the vehicle operators to maintain unobstructed line-of-sight during operations so as to increase eff­iciencies and minimize errors. Its P-Cap multitouch screen ensures users to take full advantage of its Android operating environment.

The ruggedness is proven with the tablet’s full IP65 rating and MIL-STD-810G certification, meaning it is water and dust proof and resistant
to shock, vibration and dropping (5 feet drop certified). The M700DM8 rugged tablet features wireless connectivity support for BT, GPS and 4G LTE to enable the workers to instantly access the ERP system or any central information server from anywhere. Winmate provided a vehicle dock for users to securely mount the device to the forklifts or other warehouse vehicles, and meanwhile, to deliver always-charging functionality.


Over a thousand units have been deployed. Users enjoy handling the device as a result of its user-friendly features and the stable mount on the forklifts. The inventory management runs smoothly thanks to the implementation of the rugged tablet, M700DM8, making forklift drivers always receive the most up-to-date information, register stock with 100% accuracy and can trace their actions. Within just one year, the inventory traceability times in the factory have dropped by more than 50% while stock replenishment efficiency increased by more than 45%. The manufacturer is now looking for more opportunities to work with Winmate to drive the business forward.

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Forklift driver receives the latest information to carry out accurate material handling
M700DM8 is built to fit seamlessly into forklifts and other warehouse vehicles.
M700DM8 Rugged Tablet
M700DM8 Rugged Tablet
Product Features:
  • Arm® Cortex®-A53 Octa Core processor
  • 7” 1280 x 720 TFT panel with direct optical bonding
  • Hot-swappable battery design
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof
  • 2D barcode reader
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