Oil Drilling Rig
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Published on 6 June, 2019

Winmate Success Story : Operator Control HMI for Oil Drilling Rig

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In the Oil & Gas industry, complex process control is needed at all stages, from exploration, extraction and transportation, to the refinement and the distribution of fossil fuels. Most of the time, these processes occur in harsh environments with the constant threat of dangerous substances in the air where combustion can occur when proper precautions aren’t looked after. Thus, an energy service company was looking for an explosion proof Panel PC solution that meets the tough oil & gas standards to act as a system controller and a human-machine interface for their new high-tech, automation-based land drilling rigs.


Needed a Class 1, Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 certified explosion proof Panel PC solution to be an operator workstation featuring high performance and wide operating temperature to monitor and control the process on the oil drilling rig.


Working with the energy service corporation, Winmate provided our 19-inch Class 1, Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 Certified explosion proof Panel PC, the R19IHAT-66EX . This hazardous location computer features a 19” display that is big enough to display sufficient information, a streamlined enclosure for the ultimate heat dissipation, a high performance, yet low power consuming Intel Core i7-4650U processor, an optical bonded 1000nit high brightness panel and wide operating temperature (-40˚C to +70˚C).



More than 100 units have been deployed to over 20 oil drilling sites in Canada, the United States and Australia over the past 12 months in the operator control system of the land drilling rigs. The energy service corporation enjoys the optimal combination of performance and efficiency that Winmate’s hazardous location Panel PC solution has brought.

For full details on this success story, please visit here.
Operator controlling the system of the land drilling rig
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