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Freeing Public Safety Communications with Winmate RoIP Equipment

Connect your team with Winmate RoIP equipment for a broader and more robust network across cellular and radio devices
23 June 2022
paramedic and firefighters are working together in an accident on the city road at night with the help of Winmate RoIP equipment to resolve incidents faster and more safely with a unified real time operational view

Push-to-Talk radios are helpful in deployment contexts, but extending those radio signals to dispersed headquarters components beyond-line-of-sight bearers remains one of the issues in the deployable communications area.

Winmate Inc. has been designing and manufacturing various rugged computing solutions for the public safety sector for nearly three decades. We are now launching the new RoIP equipment solution, including RG100 Radio Gateway and P400M9-DMR Multi mode PoC Radio, to bridge tactical networks while also providing radio network extensibility via IP interfaces. Winmate Radio Gateway and PoC radio are designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. Connect two or more disparate voice networks and extend those networks back into the dispatch center, all in a single deployable chassis.

Winmate RoIP Gateway Benefits

Agency interoperability  

Agency interoperability

Public safety forces present unique challenges due to each institution’s varying signal and communications paths. With RG100 and P400M9-DMR, frontline workers, dispatchers, and inter-agency teams can instantly bridge the gap between diverse radio networks, endpoints, or frequencies, allowing seamless communication.

Winmate solutions supports Radio Over IP (RoIP), allowing radio users to connect directly with users on any SIP end device. Radio users can also join and participate in voice conferences with other network users.

Rugged portables for challenging environments

Winmate’s DNA is to build robust and reliable IT hardware for various demanding tasks. Winmate RG100 RoIP equipment is built tough and has been engineered to meet the MIL-STD-810G standard.

Winmate radio’s flexibility also provides the conveyance of mission-critical data to any user via a range of configurations. In minutes, communications may be fully operational, giving expeditionary troops a tactical advantage and allowing them to regain mobility.

  Rugged portables for challenging environments

Legacy and modern devices compatibility  

Legacy and modern devices compatibility

The RG100 Radio Gateway stretches the boundaries of radio. It is compatible with the vast majority of radio device brands and allows for seamless communication between modern and legacy devices across bandwidths and groups.

On the other hand, P400M9-DMR Multi mode PoC Radio supports two-way radio services and cellular infrastructure, providing a very wide coverage areas.

Built for frontline teams

Workers in the front lines are the first to respond with little to no time to spare and get things done. Communicating should not be a challenge when you do vital and urgent. Winmate RoIP equipment offers servicing for most of the public safety mission-critical communications. Ambulance, Fire & EMS, security, police and sheriff’s departments, rescue services, dispatch centers, etc.

Keep track of every call
Automatically record and save the call in the internal storage and SD card (if available). Each voice message comes with a log and record. No more dispute with what he says or she says.

Maximize collaboration
Optimize interoperability between agencies, systems, and databases to keep everyone connected in real-time.

Clear communications at greater distances
Maintain situational awareness as incidents escalate with real-time response location, status information, and alerts.

The firefighter is wearing bunker gear while sitting in the fire truck with two radios and Winmate RoIP gateway. Click to read Winmate blog How RoIP solutions solve radio communication interoperability.

Winmate Blog

How RoIP Solutions Solve Radio Communication Interoperability

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Winmate Intelligent Radio Gateway - RG100

Rugged and reliable laptop for the arduous work of public safety agencies.

Winmate Radio Gateway

  • Wireless connection (WWAN/ WLAN).
  • Secured recording (Inbox/ Larzio Cloud).
  • Radio interoperability (Narrowband and Broadband).
  • Compact size with rich expansion options.
Winmate RG100 Radio Gateway connects analog, digital radios, and VoIP phones across countries.
Winmate RG100 Radio Gateway connects analog, digital radios, and VoIP phones across countries.

Winmate PoC Radio

  • 4” 800 x 480 Panel with direct optical bonding
  • Cortex- A73 + Cortex- A53 (Octa- core up to 2.0 GHz)
  • Multi­mode PoC Radios
  • Support DMR and optional VHF / UHF Radio
  • Supports Android 11
Stand up to whatever challenges front-line command and public safety professionals may face with Winmate Public Safety solutions

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