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Winmate Introduces Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Energy, Oil & Gas Industries

Discover Winmate's Latest Innovations for Energy, Oil & Gas Industry with ATEX and C1D2 Certified
2 May 2024
Winmate announces its newest Energy, Oil, and Gas Product Line, certified with ATEX and CID2
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Taipei, 2 May 2024 – Winmate, a global provider of rugged computing and energy solutions is pleased to announces the release of its Energy, Oil and Gas Product Line. This comprehensive lineup includes Rugged Tablets, Panel PCs, and Industrial Displays, all certified for ATEX Zone 2 and Class 1 Divison 2 (C1D2) environments.

With ATEX Zone 2 and C1D2 certification, Winmate’s Rugged Tablets, Panel PCs, and Industrial Displays comply with industry regulations, ensuring operator peace of mind. Engineered with rugged construction, they withstand dust, water, and extreme temperatures, ideal for harsh industrial settings.

Versatile in application, they excel in data collection, monitoring, and control tasks, making them indispensable tools across various energy industries.

In conclusion, Winmate’s latest Energy, Oil and Gas Product Line provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by industries operating in hazardous environments. With their robust construction, safety certifications, and advanced features, these products empower organizations to maintain safety, compliance, and operational efficiency in energy environments.

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Winmate’s ATEX Product Line

Winmate's Rugged Tablet is designed to withstand the conditions of the Energy, Oil, and Gas industry with its robust build. Winmate's Panel PC and M series HMI are certified with ATEX and C1D2, suitable for use in the energy, oil, and gas industry. Winmate's ATEX Displays offer advanced features such as True Flat Design and Robust Construction. Winmate's Box PCs provide high-computing power for industrial needs in the energy, oil, and gas sectors..

Winmate's G-WIN IP67 Panel PC and Display offers sizes from 7” to 21.5” with advanced features to meet customer's demands.
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