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Product Review: Winmate M900Q8 Rugged Tablet PC on RuggedPC Review

15 July, 2021
Product Review: Winmate M900Q8 Rugged Tablet PC on RuggedPC Review

Rugged PC Review has recently reviewed Winmate M900Q8 Rugged Tablet PC. While Android has a dominant global market share in smartphones, the situation is different for tablets. Small tablets are generally Android, mainly because Android lends itself so well to small displays. Apple's iPads are robust in mid-size and larger tablets, and Microsoft has a good presence in more extensive and more enterprise/business-oriented tablets. With rugged tablets, it is not unusual for manufacturers to offer both Windows and Android in the small class of tablets and sometimes even in the same hardware and design. That's the case with Winmate's 8-inch M900 series of rugged tablets. The M900P runs Windows 10, the M900Q8, which is the subject of this review, runs Android.

Let's check out an extract of the review by Rugged PC Review's editor-in-chief Conrad H. Blickenstorfer.

Vehicle Gateway

The Winmate M900 Series is one of the few available 8-inch fully-rugged tablet platforms that can be had in both Android and Windows 10 versions. The versions share design, construction, an excellent display, programmable buttons, and an exceptionally robust build that also offers excellent ergonomics and grip. However, there are minor differences in ports and options, and the Windows version runs on an Intel chip, whereas the Android version runs on an ARM processor.

Vehicle Gateway
Vehicle Gateway

Improve your vehicle-based computing solutions with the M900 android series Vehicle Gateway accessory, which allows you to integrate vehicle information with the rugged tablet through the built-in DB-15 interface connector.

- Conrad Blickenstorfer, June 2021

Looking at the Winmate M900Q8


Performance and design

For processing, the Winmate M900Q8 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, which was initially designed to pack the performance smartphone customers required from a high-end phone into a highly integrated module. Unfortunately, technological advances are as fast and furious on the ARM/Android side as they are on the Windows side.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Sharp, bright 8-inch multi-touch display

Display quality and brightness are essential in rugged tablets deployed in a wide variety of settings and environments. The Winmate M900Q8's 8-inch screen offers significantly more display real estate than any of the smartphones most Android apps are designed for, and the extra space can be put to good use on custom applications. In addition, the display offers 1280 x 800-pixel resolution, which translates into 189 PPI (pixels per inch). That's sharp enough for its intended purpose. - Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, Jul 2021

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