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Product Review: Winmate M101P-ME Rugged Tablet PC on RuggedPC Review
A rugged tablet computer for healthcare environments lessens infection potential with a fanless design and antimicrobial housing materials
12 November, 2020
Product Review: Winmate M101P-ME Rugged Tablet PC on RuggedPC Review

Rugged PC Review has recently reviewed Winmate M101P-ME Healthcare Tablet PC. The M101P-ME is a 10.1" rugged tablet computer certified IEC 60601-1, 60601-1-2 for healthcare applications powered by an Intel® Pentium N4200 Processor 1.10 GHz, up to 2.50 GHz with turbo boost technology, and features plentiful I/O ports, wireless connectivity, and data capture options.

Let's check out an extract of the review by Rugged PC Review's editor-in-chief Conrad H. Blickenstorfer.

Rugged tablet computer for healthcare environments lessens infection potential with fanless design and antimicrobial housing materials.
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, with photography by Carol Cotton)

Medical tablet for a changed world

As of this writing — Fall 2020 — the novel Coronavirus remains a presence of pandemic proportions. Limiting sources of infection, always a task of primary importance in healthcare settings has become that much more important. Disinfecting equipment and environments as well as pinpointing sources of infection, has assumed new levels of urgency. Part of the fight against infection is the rising use of antimicrobial materials. Winmate is quite aware of the issue, and its entire lineup of healthcare-grade mobile computers uses either antimicrobial surface coating or housing materials enhanced with antimicrobial properties. The whole housing of the M101P-ME with its plastic and elastomeric rubber parts uses an inorganic antimicrobial material that fights infection based on the way silver ions affect microbes.

Looking at the Winmate M101P-ME


Fanless performance

Winmate chose the quad-core Intel Pentium N4200 for the M101P-ME. Overall, the Pentium-powered M101P-ME can clearly hold its own in terms of performance, and it is perfectly adequate for its intended tasks.

Sharp, bright 10.1 inch multi-touch display

Overall, between IPS display technology, direct bonding, surface treatments, almost perfect viewing angles, lack of color shifts, and the strong backlight, the Winmate M101P-ME display can be used pretty much anywhere, even in bright daylight. And the display surface of the M101P-ME isn't even overly prone to fingerprints and smudges.

Dual cameras

The Winmate M101P-ME has two integrated cameras. The user-facing 2MP camera is for video conferencing, whereas the rear-facing 8MP camera with LED flash can be used for documentation purposes. The overall idea of adding cameras to workforce-grade tablets is so that their users can document whatever they are working on without the need for an additional camera. This way, everything is in one system. And having a nice, large 10-inch screen certainly is a lot more pleasant than the tiny screens on dedicated cameras.


In time it became clear that ruggedness requirements in healthcare settings are often very similar to those generally encountered in the field. In both environments tablets are tools for the job. They may get dropped. Designs must be practical and common-sense more so than just trendy and fashionable. Thanks to its construction and protective rubber over moldings, the Winmate M101P-ME is very solid and can handle a good deal of abuse. IP65 sealing means M101P-ME users won't have to shy away from liquids.

Offering good performance, a hot-swappable battery (an extended battery is available also), a good hi-res display, remarkable ruggedness, and housing with antimicrobial properties, the Winmate M101P-ME represents a compelling package for numerous healthcare and other applications that require Windows in the field, but don't need the extra protection (and weight and cost) of a fully rugged device. -- Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, October 2020

To access the full review on RuggedPC Review, click here.

M101P-ME Series

A tablet computer for
professionals that
saves time and
improves efficiency

The rugged application-focused healthcare-grade tablet computer M101P-ME offers a new generation of convenience for healthcare professionals, collects and transfers data, checks the diagnosis, and updates patient information in real-time. Every inch and detail of the M101P-ME is engineered to communicate and document patient information, allowing paramedics and nurses to instantly access and keep patient records to provide better patient care. Certified IEC 60601-1, 60601-1-2, EN 60601 & UL 60601.

M101P-ME Series

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