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Success Stories
Railway Success Stories - Train Ticket Control

Train Ticket Control

Rugged mobile devices to increase efficiency of train conductor operations


Winmate provide pocket size lightweight mobile device with built-in barcode reader to scan tickets on trains and to support conductor operations. In addition to fare collection, mobile device incorporate smart card readers to enhance service for customers with smart cards. Devices are equipped with Wi-Fi and 4G to wirelessly receive reserved seating information, train schedule and allow conductors to communicate with the operator or call for emergency. Mobile device in hand streamline conductor’s operations and helps performing tasks much faster than before.

Core products

  • 5” Rugged Mobile Computer E500RM8
  • 4.3” Rugged Mobile Computer E430RM4L

Main Challenges

  • Often drops
  • Remote locations

Why Winmate

  • Drop resistant and rugged devices
  • Tailored made accessories for customer application
Mobile device for the conductor
Mobile device for the conductor

Application Diagram

Railway Application Diagram

Product Offering