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Success Stories
Success Stories - The Future of Critical Communications with Multi-mode Advanced PoC Radios-P400M9

The Future of Critical Communications with Multi-mode Advanced PoC Radios-P400M9

Changes in user demand during the evolution from narrowband to broadband


In the past, electricity was transmitted over the mountains by 132kV overhead lines. With the development of Ireland and the rapid increase in electricity demand, the Power Station was constructed with the transmission voltage enhanced to 275kV. As overhead lines were unsightly and their existence has restricted large land corridors from future development, the government was not in favor of building more overhead lines on Ireland Island. Underground cables, therefore, became the only practical choice. Traditionally, underground transmission cables are installed under the carriageways. Because of the narrow roads on Ireland Island, the traditional method would often cause severe traffic interruption and great inconvenience to the public and visual disruption to country parks on Ireland Island. To overcome these adverse impacts, the Company began in the 98s to study the feasibility of using cable tunnels to plan new transmission system projects. Extremely robust digital radio service ensures cable tunnels employees' security through boosted connection while protecting necessary natural country parks for Ireland.

Winmate RG100 provides a digital radio solution to secure voice and data communications along the route of the cable tunnels. The 500km tunnels is vital to the Northern Ireland economy and has transported IoT sensor data. For its cable tunnels operation, customers require seamless communication solutions to connect teams at any time. With Larzio APP cloud service and RG100 Radio Gateway, the events hosting staffs can contact the team with high efficiency and flexibility. With radios, telephones, and Apps, the team members can react promptly to any situation.

Combines the benefits of radio and the Internet without changing the user pattern. Through Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and communication protocol technology, the radio audio can be encoded, compressed, and sent through Internet as an information packet. Then, the information packet on the Internet can be decompressed, decoded, and sent through public telecom networks as audio.

Interface RJ45 is applied to the Radio Gateway to connect to traditional radio equipment and provides varied functions according to the purchased model. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) application as the signal transceiver and supports fixed IP/DHCP configuration. It adopts G.711 voice compression format to save network bandwidth while providing real-time, toll-quality voice transmission and reception. Compact size and rich expansion options make the RG100 suitable for emergency and public service, building, and factory management applications.

Get Started With A Radio Experiment, Powered by Larzio APP Cloud service Benefits:

  • Through Push-to-Talk, the conversations are made faster and easier.
  • LiveView AR Positioning helps you find the members' locations with user- friendly interface
  • Larzio allows radios, telephones, and smartphones (App) to contact directly without changing devices.

Core Products

  • Winmate Radio Gateway - RG 100
  • Winmate Multi-mode PoC Radios-P400M9
  • Larzio Cloud Service solution (powered by Winmate)

Main Challenges

  • APP SW Teamwork Cloud application
  • Extra ESD protection required
  • Provides a digital radio solution to secure voice and data communications along the international route of the power pipeline

Why Winmate

Enhanced compatibility and APP SW powered by Larzio – Winmate is committed to research and development, implementing the latest technologies, and has a powerful ability to customize solutions and individualize depending on customer requirements.

Larzio Teamwork Cloud – Larzio provides cloud communications services for corporations, organizations, and groups. Download the App and subscribe; no need to tackle with Server and IT know-how. The group operator can establish a contact list on the cloud and sync it to their apps. For exceptional cases, Larzio provides private cloud service.

Application Diagram

Through Larzio Group Chat, there’s no need to make multiple calls and transfers to the people in charge. Simply call in the group chat and these people can be well informed about the latest situation and make rescue plans.

Application Diagram

Product Offering