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Success Stories
Success Stories - Empowers fire and EMS departments to Better Serve and Protect  Lives through reliable 

Empowers fire and EMS departments
to Better Serve and Protect
Lives through reliable

Providing real-time situational updates to all personnel and at the command center


Major forest fires caused by global warming and industrial fires caused by hazardous chemicals are becoming more frequent. These large-scale emergency events involve multiple civil defense teams from the fire department, police, and medical services. It takes more labor to manage these emergencies to save lives and put out fires. Intercommunication between all emergency response teams is essential for the coordination of rescue operations and timely medical assistance.

However, the fire, police, and medical services use different communication devices on various radio networks, which results in a lack of interconnection between the teams. Signal coverage is also limited depending on the wireless network. Narrowband devices have limited coverage in urban and underground areas, whereas broadband devices such as mobile phones have limited coverage in dense forest coverage. In some cases, emergency response teams have to handle multiple fires in a large area.

Winmate Radio gateway RG100 solves this problem by interconnecting both narrowband and broadband communication devices. With RG100 Radio Gateway and Larzio, the operator and Command can directly contact teams in different channels to organize the best rescue operations. Limited resources such as fire trucks and ambulances can be properly allocated to needed areas thanks to this efficient communication. The command center can control and monitor the situation, irrespective of the communication devices used by the different teams.

Core Products

  • Winmate Radio Gateway - RG 100
  • Winmate Multi-mode PoC Radios-P400M9
  • Larzio Cloud Service solution (powered by Winmate)

Main Challenges

  • Diversified communication devices
  • Integration with legacy radio equipment
  • Radio communications are limited by coverage distance
  • No option to record radio conversations

Why Winmate

Customer-oriented services – besides product customization and professional consultation, Winmate also offers additional service with Larzio Radio Apps that supports automatic recording and log to prevent and reduce controversial situations.

Integrate legacy and modern devices – Powering the investment by easy to integrate platform and making full use of the readily available radio device and the advanced development of the smartphone.

Closing the boundaries of the radio network – Winmate Radio Gateway connects the radio users from the outside of the radio coverage area. Increasing efficiency and coordination with real-time response.

Supports wide applications – Winmate radio solutions are applicable in various challenging scenarios, from public safety coordination, railways management, underground, offshore operations, etc.

Application Diagram

If the radio signal is not working well at the rescuing site, you can use RG100 on the ambulance/fire engines to transmit your radio signal through Larzio Server, then to the staffs and command in other offices with radios, telephones, and smartphones (App.)

Application Diagram

Product Offering