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White Paper: Cutting-edge display and computer solutions to enable the vessel bridges of the future

DNV Approved Marine Panel PC and Display
White Paper: Everything You Need to Know About Defence Rugged Computers


Tips on choosing the right rugged computers for marine applications

Marine-grade product testing for durability and reliability

Distinguishing features of Winmate’s marine-grade rugged panel PCs and Display

What You Will Learn

The differences between Marine Grade and industrial-grade PPC/Display, and the critical points to consider when choosing a rugged computer for Marine


About Winmate

Winmate Inc. is a rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments. Founded in 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan, where its headquarters, research, development facility, and production lines are located, the company has offices and service centers worldwide. Winmate develops rugged industrial-grade computing solutions that advance the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT). Industrial display and panel PC, HMI, embedded systems, IoT gateways to rugged tablets, and handheld devices for industries ranging from transportation and logistics to marine and defense, railway, oil and gas, smart grid, healthcare, and field services. Winmate also provides professional services in customizing products and project management to create a unique customer's needs.

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