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Why Not All Outdoor Computers Suitable
for Smart Charging Stations

Winmate purpose-built outdoor computers for outdoor electric car charging stations
4 August 2022
An outdoor EV charging station with Winmate outdoor computer panel PC is showing charging progress
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With countries worldwide introducing mandates to cut the number of diesel and petrol cars, drivers are looking towards the future dominant car technology, i.e., electric vehicles (EVs). Hence, the demand for electric vehicle charging stations is soaring.

With over 26 years of technology know-how for producing and developing explosion-proof devices, Winmate offers outdoor computers built for the public smart charging stations.

HMI Interface Available in Windows and Android Platforms

Winmate offers a wide range of HMI monitor sizes with a capacitive touch display specially designed for use in public amenities. The P-Cap Touch supports multi-touch and can easily be controlled by fingers. This technology offers accurate touch and improves the convenience of using the device. Thus it helps to enhance the overall customer experience.

To improve their functions, Winmate HMIs feature a variety of connections: LAN, USB, RS-232/422/485 serial communication ports, video transmission ports – VGA, DPI, optional HDMI, and many more. Also, support Windows IoT Enterprise or Android operating system to match most industrial systems.

Internationally Safe with EX certification

Winmate outdoor computers are designed with front/full IP65 protection and come with ATEX Zone2 and Class1 Division2 (CID2) certifications. Winmate offers ATEX Zone 2 and Class 1 Division 2 (CID2) certified panel computers, embedded processors, and industrial displays for remote data collection, process visualization, and control.

When embedded in an enclosure, the Front IP65 Series Panel PC can withstand outdoor applications – water, humidity, cold, heat, sunlight, and airborne particles – making it suitable for public charging stations and outdoor kiosks.

Modular design

Winmate offers an innovative modular design that allows customization according to usage requirements, easy-to- mount options, and forward compatibility for advanced industrial solutions to provide convenience and flexibility.

Sustain and perform at the highest level in harsh and critical environments
with Winmate Smart Charging Station Solution

A woman is holding the charging plug of an outdoor electric vehicle charging station while choosing operation on Winmate outdoor computer panel PC

Availability and support

We pride ourselves on being one of the best industrial display manufacturers in the market. We design and build the complete solution. Our robust touchscreen solutions offer flexibility for diverse environments and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure our product's most extended life possible, maximizing your ROI. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

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