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How Marine Computers Solutions
Fit Every Corner of Smart Ship

Build smart ships with the next generation Winmate Marine computer solutions
1 September 2022
Winmate marine computers solutions for smart ships and smooth sailing
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In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT, ships are expected to be safe, reliable, and efficient with connected control and monitoring wherever they go. Smart ships rely on big data to improve navigational safety and operational efficiency, including real-time data transmission, data collection, and remote control. Winmate offers marine-grade computers, displays, and Panel PCs solutions for fast and reliable data processing and communication.

Secure and reliable advanced networks for navigation

For almost three decades, Winmate Inc. has provided robust and reliable solutions to our customers and partners in the maritime sector. We are the preferred supplier of nautical computers and displays, the leading OEMs especially for Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), radar, automation, and communication. The robust and elegant designs combined with years of experience producing marine electronics solutions have made Winmate Inc. the forefront innovator in this field.

Winmate provides maritime professionals with industrial-grade marine computers, panel PCs, displays, and IoT gateway that use leading technologies and reliable designs for applications on the bridge, control room, or engine room. Winmate’s marine solutions pass strict tests and follow critical industrial standards to ensure compliance with international maritime standards such as DNV GL, IEC 60945, and IACS E10.

Design for maximum versatility and minimum maintenance effort

Winmate marine computing solutions offer high computing performance for high-volume data processing. The fanless design eliminates the risk of fan failure, ensuring system reliability and minimum maintenance effort. The compact design across marine-grade product lines offers easy installation and space-saving.

The widescreen marine displays and panel PCs support optical bonding technology to enhance screen readability and durability. The P-Cap Touch supports multi-touch and can easily be controlled by fingers offering accurate touch and improving the convenience of control.

Built for maritime and offshore applications

To maximize the high availability of data transfers and networks, a full range of peripheral connectivity including serial ports, USB, Ethernet, NMEA 0183 interfaces, etc. are available for effective marine device communication. Winmate marine solutions bring flexibility and control to smart ship applications.

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Winmate marine computers solutions including marine Panel PCs, embedded computers, ECDIS displays, and IoT gateway


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Availability and support

We pride ourselves on being one of the best industrial computer manufacturers in the market. We design and build the complete solution. Our robust touchscreen solutions offer flexibility for diverse environments and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure our product's most extended life possible, maximizing your ROI. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

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