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Max 21KW Power Output
with IoT-Based EV Charging Solution

Intelligently control the charging station with Winmate smart touch computer
and EV charging solution
10 November 2022
Winmate IoT-based EV charging station with smart touch computer efficiently fast charge your car
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Electric vehicle (EV) demand is accelerating due to increasing awareness of climate change and carbon emissions. Pushing the systems integrators and solution providers to deliver solutions for a wide range of charging venues and station operators. Such as at petrol stations, vehicle maintenance plants, residential, public, and commercial locations.

Yet, many available charging stations are ‘unconnected’ and require manual data collection of the energy usage information, which significantly hinders an operator’s ability to control station operation in real time. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology offers station operators real-time access to charging information and allows cloud-based applications to manage the stations intelligently. This helps regulate charging current, change the charging priority of vehicles, monitor energy usage to avoid premium energy rates, and much more.

Strict control pilot with rugged solution

Winmate continues pursuing excellence and innovation in system design. To fulfill the diverse needs of customers and the EV market demand, Winmate partners with leading EV charging solution suppliers to develop IoT-based EV charging solutions with IP65 ratings that are modern, ergonomic, and customizable for outdoor environments.

Besides using the high-brightness smart touch computer for a better user experience, the charging pile could fit well with all European, Japanese, and National standard EVs thus supporting precise power supply control and cut-off to avoid damages by accident caused by abnormal weather or grid.

Expand the possibilities with Android or Linux operating system

The IoT-based EV charging systems uses Winmate best seller 10.1 inch EL series HMI, powered by ARM A53 Quad Core 2.0GHz CPU platform. The smart touch computer runs on Linux Yocto or Android 11 (upgradeable to Android 13), and Linux Ubuntu will be available in 2023. Those provide high computing performance with low power consumption and flexibility, which is suitable for various utilities and applications.

The EV charging solutions with high-brightness smart touch computer support multiple ports for integrating additional devices. The inclusion of network connectivity allows real-time data, such as charge completion times and charging bay availability, to be streamed to a centralized command center for monitoring EV charger metrics.

Winmate 21KW or 7 KW Electric Vehicle AC charger

Key Features:

  • Three-phase AC input 3P+N+PE; 380 Vac, 32 A, 50/60 Hz
  • AC output 380 V, 32A, 21KW (optional 7KW model)
  • 5 m charging cable length
  • Power output connection SAE J1772 or IEC 62196
  • Operating temperature -20 to 50 °C
  • IP65 dustproof and splashproof

Availability and support

At Winmate, we are committed to facing our customers’ challenges alongside them to provide the right rugged tools to meet industry demands and empower your workforce. We pride ourselves on being one of the best industrial computer manufacturers in the market. We design and build the complete solution. For more product and service information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

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