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Introducing newly launched Winmate industrial computer powered by ARM processor
6 October 2022
A hand is touching Winmate industrial computer EL series HMI for machine control, now powered by ARM A53 Quad Core Platform
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With the requirement for IoT applications and fast network, data transfers to fulfill today's industrial needs, Winmate Inc., a leading provider of industrial computing solutions, launched a new product family, the specialized industrial HMI powered by ARM A53 Quad Core processors.

Support Android or Linux operating system

The IM industrial computer series is powered by ARM A53 Quad Core 2.0GHz CPU platform and runs on Linux Yocto or Android 11 (upgradeable to Android 13), and Linux Ubuntu will available in 2023. Those are providing high computing performance with low power consumption, which is suitable for industrial applications.

Front IP65 design for industrial automation

The front side of the panel is rated IP65 dust-tight and splashproof protection. Winmate EL series industrial computer comes with a wide range of size variants, from 4.3” to 15.6”, which support capacitive multi-touch displays that suit different applications based on your projects. The EL series HMI offers mounting clip solutions, removing the need to drill holes in a fixture, saving installation time, and guaranteeing the aesthetic look of the wall when the unit gets removed. The flexibility allows easy customization, improves upgradability, and has no limitations.

Wired and wireless connectivities

The Winmate EL series HMI with ARM processor offers faster and improved reliability connectivity through various wired and wireless connection options (WLAN and BT). Easily and quickly integrate the industrial computer with any task or application.

The Winmate EL series HMI comes with 1 x USB 2.0 Type-A ports, 1 x Micro USB 2.0 OTG, 1 x RS485, and three pin terminal block for your industrial connectivity. For IoT applications and fast network requirements, the industrial computer is equipped with RJ45 ethernet connectivity and supports 32GB eMMC storage.

Winmate offers a wide range of ARM-based computers sizes
4.3 inches
7 inches 10.1 inches




Now available for order

At Winmate, we are committed to facing our customers’ challenges alongside them to provide the right rugged tools to meet industry demands and empower your workforce. We pride ourselves on being one of the best industrial computer manufacturers in the market. We design and build the complete solution. For more product and service information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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