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HMI / Industrial Automation Solution

Computing solutions for intelligent, efficient automation and control systems

HMI / Industrial Automation Solution

Safety and Standards

  • Approvals/Marking

    - CE, FCC, IC
  • Safety

    - CE, FCC
  • Full IP65/ IP67/ IP69K-rated

    - Water and dustproof

Industry Challenges

A combination of COVID-19 concerns, a need for increased productivity, and a stricter risk/regulatory environment drive the demand now, encouraging companies to look beyond the problems in IoT. Along with more productivity, companies are also trying to diversify their services, offer additional products, and adopt better business growth models.

The implementation of IoT in the manufacturing sector is growing as demand increases and solutions become more affordable. But customers still face several technical and non-technical challenges that the industry must come together to resolve. A key point to note is that technology's availability and affordability wouldn't matter if customers are not aware of best practices to get the most out of IoT implementation. A combination of education, integration with legacy systems, innovation in edge, deep learning, and open accessibility to developers would drive the growth of IIoT even higher.

  • Rigors of factory floor operations
    Data processors at the factory floor should work in changing conditions such as dust, water splashes, and humidity.
  • High hygienic requirements of specific industries
    Some industries have strict hygienic requirements. Devices and factory floors must be cleaned with high-temperature water or chemicals.
  • User-friendly intuitive interface
    The interface of touch screen displays and rugged mobile computers should be simple and user-friendly for the operator.
  • Wide power input
    The unstable power at the factory floor led to the demand for devices that support DC power input.
  • The need for wireless computing solutions
    To connect devices at the factory floor neatly, reduce possible entanglement and workplace accidents.


Winmate understands the demands of these fast-paced, rugged environments and has designed a series of industrial-grade HMI that deliver on performance, functionality, and design to enable increased productivity and efficiency on the factory floor. Winmate's multi-touch series goes beyond the standard industrial panel computers with elegant, edge-to-edge design, rugged construction, powerful performance, a full line-up of I/O options, and flexible mounting options. Our advanced multi-touch panel PCs maximize performance, whether used for a control room, machine automation, assembly line monitoring, user terminals, or inside heavy machinery.

Winmate IoT Factory Automation solutions include:

  • Rugged Tablet/PDA
  • Stainless PPC
  • HMI Display
  • Embedded Computing
  • Box PC
  • IoT Gateway
  • Embedded Board
  • Rack Server
  • HMI (Human-Computer Interaction)

Core Capabilities / Advantages

Ultimate touch experience

  • A large projected capacitive multi-touch screen to support viewing and interpreting the data. Experience intuitive user controls, zooming, tapping, scrolling, and more gestures with or without the gloves.

Winmate HMI and industrial panel PC in smart manufacturing floor and robotic arms

Quality Excellence in the automotive industry

  • Winmate has won various quality excellence awards due to our commitment to providing customers with the forefront industrial-grade communication tools. At Winmate, we have the engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with the leading technology companies, also, we work closely with various OEMs to enhance devices to meet the needs of modern-day producers and vendors.

Winmate waterproof stainless panel PCs are certified Quality Excellence

Rugged yet stylish design

  • Due to the harsh working environment, a rugged IT device that can work normally and withstand drops, strong vibration, and water spill is a must. Our Computing solutions have been tested to military standards for drop, vibration, shock resistance, and IP65 rated for water and dust protection.

Panel PC with emergency push button, universal mounting solution and stylish design

Why Choose Winmate HMI? Unleashing the Power of Human-Machine Interaction

Winmate is a renowned company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sales of industrial computers and embedded solutions. Our Human-Machine Interface (HMI) products stand as one of our core offerings, empowering industrial automation control, manufacturing process monitoring, and various other applications. This article explores the compelling reasons to choose Winmate HMI and the significant impact it has on industrial operations.

  • Diversified Product Line:
    1. Size, Resolution, and Brightness Options:

      Winmate offers a diverse range of HMI products, catering to various application scenarios. These products come in different sizes, resolutions, and brightness levels, allowing customers to select the most suitable solution for their specific needs.

    2. Functional Adaptability:

      Winmate HMI products are designed to be adaptable and versatile. They can integrate with different software platforms, facilitating seamless integration with existing systems and ensuring compatibility with industry-standard protocols. This adaptability enables customers to optimize their HMI solutions according to their unique requirements.

  • Robust and Reliable Design:
    1. Durability for Industrial Environments:

      Winmate HMI products are built to withstand harsh industrial environments. They feature high-quality materials and craftsmanship, conforming to IP65 or higher protection standards. This rugged design ensures their resilience against dust, water, and other contaminants, making them reliable and durable even in challenging operating conditions.

    2. Temperature and Vibration Resistance:

      Winmate HMI products are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations commonly encountered in industrial settings. This robust construction guarantees uninterrupted operation, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity.

  • User-Friendly Interface:
    1. Intuitive and Efficient Operation:

      Winmate places a strong emphasis on user-centric design. Our HMI products feature intuitive interfaces with easy-to-navigate menus, touchscreen capabilities, and ergonomic layouts. This user-friendly design allows operators to quickly and efficiently interact with the equipment, minimizing training time and maximizing work efficiency.

    2. Customizable Displays and Controls:

      Winmate HMI products offer customization options to suit specific customer needs. Customers can choose from a range of display sizes, aspect ratios, and touch technologies to tailor the HMI experience to their preferences. Additionally, Winmate provides flexibility in control interfaces, accommodating different requirements such as physical buttons, function keys, or virtual touch controls.

  • Flexibility and Customization:
    1. Choice of Operating System and Software Development Kit (SDK):

      Winmate HMI products provide customers with the flexibility to select their preferred operating system, ensuring compatibility with existing software environments. Furthermore, Winmate offers comprehensive software development kits (SDKs) that empower customers to develop customized applications, add functionalities, and integrate their HMI systems seamlessly into their workflows.

    2. Tailored Solutions:

      Winmate understands that every industry and application has unique requirements. They collaborate closely with customers to understand their specific needs and develop tailored HMI solutions. This personalized approach ensures that customers receive HMI products that precisely meet their operational demands.

Winmate HMI stands out as a reliable and versatile solution for industrial automation and control. With a diversified product line, robust and reliable design, user-friendly interfaces, and customization options, Winmate empowers businesses to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and optimize human-machine interaction. By choosing Winmate HMI panel computer, industrial enterprises can unlock the full potential of their operations and achieve new levels of efficiency and success.

Get a Free Industrial Automation Solution Consultation

Whatever your goals, Winmate is here to help. If your focus is increasing the speed of service, improving your bottom line, expanding through new channels, adding locations, exploring franchising, or maximizing customer loyalty. Winmate's multi-touch tablets go beyond the standard industrial panel computers with elegant, edge-to-edge design, rugged construction, powerful performance, a full line-up of I/O options, and flexible mounting options. Please speak to one of our experts to explore the hardware that would best help you achieve your goals.