Oil & Gas

Oil & GasOil and gas are among the world's most demanding and challenging industries. Safety, data integrity, asset tracking, and accurate mapping are imperative, whether on an oil rig or remote pipeline locale. The technology and hardware used to get the job done must be efficient, reliable and built to survive the harshest of environments.Winmate's rugged mobile devices help improve worker safety, streamline exploration and pipeline maintenance, and enhance data collection and security. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, liquid, vibration, shock and drops, Winmate’s rugged mobile computers are ready to go to work in even the harshest environments.

> Oil & Gas Applications for Winmate Devices

Asset management and tracking
Mapping and geofencing
Inventory management
Security and safety control
Communication across enterprise
Equipment monitoring
Field operations

> Features

1D/2D barcode scanners and RFID readers
Sunlight-readable multi-touch displays
Wireless communications with options for WLAN, 3G/4G/LTE, BT, and GPS
Range of I/O ports for expansion options
Integrated cameras for data collection and video conferencing
Cross-functional technology – vehicle mount to handheld mobility
Built rugged to withstand the rigors of the oil and gas industries

> Products

E500RM8 E430RM4 E430T-C E430T-M
E500RM8 E430RM4 E430T-C E430T-M
M700DQ8 M700DM8 M101BK M101P
M700DQ8 M700DM8 M101BK M101P
M101S M101B M900P FM10Q
M101S M101B M900P FM10Q
W10IB3S-EHH2 W15FA3S-ELA4 IoT Gateway Fixed-Mount
W10IB3S-EHH2 W15FA3S-ELA4 IoT Gateway Fixed-Mount




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